How we do our work

our process

Linda Loo Designs follows a strict protocol when refinishing or refacing your cabinets. We use tested products and processes to ensure a finish that will be as durable as it is beautiful.

Step one


After the doors are removed and transported to the workshop, they are thoroughly cleaned using a degreasing agent and left to dry in a humidity controlled environment. Any contamination left behind would ruin the finish.

Step two


The doors and drawer fronts are sanded using different tools and levels of grit to allow the primer to bond properly. We use bonding as well as tannin-blocking primers.They are also gently sanded between coats to give the smoothest finish possible.

Step three

color coating

Linda Loo Designs is a huge fan of Milesi finishes from Italy. It is a professional product specifically formulated for use on cabinets with a gorgeous finish and ease of spraying. At least two color coats are applied over the primed surfaces.