Autumn 2023 Newsletter

The morning air is crisp and the leaves will soon be changing their colors as the summer comes to an end. In no time at all, pumpkins, school buses, and sweaters will be the norm while our suntans fade away. Enjoy it before the snow comes!

Tool Talk

If you think a brush is just a brush, you are sadly mistaken. I have never felt a brush as soft as the Zibra line of brushes. They have several shapes to contour to specific applications. Incredible paint pick up, controlled release, unmatched smoothness, and effortless clean-up make it the best choice. They last a long time when taken care of, so the cost is well worth it.
My Favorite Brushes!

From The Chef

Autumn is the season for apples, and there’s nothing like walking into a home when APPLE CRISP is cooking! Served warm with some vanilla ice cream brings back memories and warms the heart!

Client Spotlight

Samantha had me check out the kitchen in her new home even before they moved in! That’s how determined she was to update the cabinets. She was referred to me by her friend whom I had worked with previously. I refinished her beautiful cabinets in about a week while she was home on maternity leave with their new baby boy and an active toddler keeping them busy. Now she can enjoy the new home she always dreamed of!